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Having a child that plays sports can offer a lot of excitement into your life. Not all of it may be the right kind, however. As parents, we always worry if a slide into home plate may end up with our little slugger’s teeth bashing into Johnny’s cleats. Dental injuries are a common occurrence for kids playing sports. Don’t let your child be a statistic!

For any child playing sports, Dr. Edford Clark always recommends wearing a sports mouth guard for children who are physically active. Children are prone to crack or dislodged teeth during contact sports and/or fighting. Mouth guards offer protection from such things occurring, and there are several types to choose from.

Formed guards such as boil and bite guards will form a mold to the wearer’s teeth after the guard has been heated. Most sports stores carry mouth-formed guards. If this is the kind you choose to purchase, be sure to follow the directions to avoid improper fitting.

You can order pre-formed guards on-line, but they likely will not fit and will cause discomfort.

The best mouth guard is one made just for the wearer. A custom mouth guard made by your dentist or in a dental laboratory will be fitted just for you or your child. This makes a custom guard the best option for both comfort and protection.

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