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With our lives being so busy, it can often be difficult to find the time to schedule and go to regular dental appointments. Some may be wondering “why should I even bother?” Did you know that ental visitations are a key component of maintaining your oral health?

During your dental exam, you will not only have your teeth cleaned but also receive an oral health examination to make sure you have no developing issues. By checking the mouth, throat, face, head, and neck, your dentist Dr. Edford Clark can spot issues, such as gum disease, that could otherwise develop further due to a lack of noticeable symptoms during their onset.

After your health examination, your dentist Dr. Edford Clark will begin cleaning your teeth. During your cleaning, specialized instruments will be used to help clean away tartar and plaque off of your teeth and gums. When your cleaning is completed, Dr. Edford Clark will discuss with you any changes that should be made in regards to your oral cleaning routines. he will also inform you if any problems were spotted during the cleaning that will need further treatments.

After leaving the dentist, many patients report they felt more motivated to develop better brushing and flossing routines. This is why going twice yearly is important.

Please don’t forget to schedule your regular appointments. Please call Edford L. Clark, DMD at 606-886-4260 to schedule your dental cleaning in Prestonburg, Kentucky, with Dr. Edford Clark today.