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What is the importance of interdental tools? Brushing your teeth is a tremendously effective habit to combat tooth decay and gum disease, but unfortunately, it is not enough. Brushing cannot adequately remove food debris and plaque buildup between teeth, which instead can be achieved with an interdental tool such as dental floss.

Listed below are a few terrific facts and techniques concerning dental floss:

– If possible, try to use a dental floss or interdental cleaner that has received the ADA Seal of Acceptance, or make sure it has been approved by your dentist for regular use.

– Every person should floss at least two minutes per session, making sure you floss between every single tooth and behind your teeth in the furthest row back.

– Typically, try to go for a piece of thread that is roughly 18 inches long, so it will have enough space to clean all areas between your teeth, with a new section for each tooth.

– To prevent recontamination, never use the same section of a strand more than once.

– Ideally, you should always strive to use a shred-resistant floss such as single-filament thread.

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