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Cavities need dental fillings to keep your smile full and fresh. Not only will dental fillings work to improve your oral health by filling in cavities, but fillings can boost your self-esteem and make your mouth feel better too.

The prospect of a having a hole in your tooth enamel is scary, but that is the case with cavities. Holes in your enamel should be cause for concern, because if they are left unchecked severe pain, infection, pulp damage, and tooth loss can all occur. Fortunately, cavities are treatable with dental fillings.

The two main forms of dental fillings are dental amalgams and composite fillings. Dental amalgams are the most well-known form of filling, and the chances are that you know somebody who has them. They are easily spotted thanks to their well-known metallic shine they give off within a person’s mouth. Composite fillings are less well known and probably harder to spot, given they can seamlessly blend in with each person’s natural tooth color. To know which one will best serve your needs, speak with your dentist.

If you take care of your teeth correctly, they can last an entire lifetime. If you would like to speak with Dr. Edford Clark and our team about dental fillings, please schedule an appointment at our dentist office of Edford L. Clark, DMD in Prestonburg, Kentucky, by calling 606-886-4260. We will do our best to help you in any way we can.