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If you are in or nearing the twilight of your adulthood, it’s important to remember that, if properly cared for, your teeth can continue doing their job just as if they were back all those decades ago. Even though it is true that teeth age along with the rest of your body, there are still many habits and treatments you can employ to strengthen your tooth enamel and guard your gums against any harm that may come their way. With the proper care, your smile can function well for a lifetime.

When seeking out the perfect dental floss to use, always select a product that can effectively clean between every single tooth and not tear. Single filament thread is shred resistant and should be used if you can. Furthermore, if you cannot easily floss your teeth due to age, consider switching to an easier interdental tool such as a water flosser, which uses streams of water to clean between teeth.

Exercise caution when eating foods because as we age, our teeth are more susceptible to damage. This includes chipping, cracking, and fractures. Foods that are particularly tough or stiff can lead to dental damage, including apples and hard candy. Speak with your dentist tooth enamel ensure that your teeth are strong enough for your preferred diet, and if not, which foods should be taken out.

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