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Fads come and go, but one that seems to be here to stay is piercing one’s lips and tongue.It may seem fashionable and a great way to express one’s individuality. But before you decide to have something inserted in your lips or tongue, you should talk with your dentist about the hazards of oral piercing.

Just the act getting a piercing in your mouth carries the danger of infection. Although we may not want to think about it, our mouths are home to large amounts of bacteria. Opening a hole in your lips or tongue can let that bacteria into your system, and the danger of infection increases if the jewelry itself is not clean. Oral piercings can place you at risk for contracting hepatitis B,C,D, and G; and for endocarditis, which is an inflammation of your heart valves. If a blood vessel in your mouth is punctured when you get your piercing, you can have serious bleeding issues.

Even if you avoid excessive bleeding and infection, the barbells and studs can chip or crack your teeth over time. A tongue stud repeatedly contacting your front teeth can push them out of alignment. Jewelry in your mouth can cause your gums to recede, and make it difficult for you to speak and chew.

If after talking with your dentist, you decide to go ahead with your piercing, be certain to schedule an appoint to have an exam after the piercing is done, and to learn about the proper aftercare and oral hygiene needed to keep your mouth clean.

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