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Schools, churches, offices and many homes have a first aid kit, which is useful for treating minor cuts, bumps, aches, sprains and bruises. But what about your dental first aid kit? If you don’t have one, now would be a good time to put one together. After all, you are just as likely to have a dental emergency as you are any other kind. Here are some things you might want to consider adding to your kit.

Dental floss, toothpicks or soft picks are good for removing food particles or objects that have become lodged in your teeth. A toothbrush, or tweezers can also be used to remove foreign matter from your teeth. To deal with pain, you should have aspirin, ibuprofen, clove oil or a topical pain reliever. A cold pack is useful for pain, and for reducing swelling. Gauze and tea bags can be used to stop oral bleeding, or to help you hold a loose tooth in its socket. Hydrogen peroxide can clean and sterilize and injury. A tooth preservative solution can keep a tooth viable if it is knocked out. Dental cement can be used to hold a loose crown or filling in place, or a damaged tooth can be covered with temporary crown material. Dental wax can be applied to braces if a stray wire is irritating your mouth. If you have developed a cavity or lost a filling cotton pellets can fill the space until you can see your dentist. You can round out your dental first aid kit with latex gloves and a dental mirror.

Remember, your dental first aid kit is used to provide just that: first aid. In the event of a dental emergency, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

If you have a dental emergency, or if it is just time for your regular cleaning and exam, Dr. Edford Clark and the staff at Edford L. Clark, DMD are here to help. If you live in the Prestonburg, Kentucky area, you can make an appointment with our office by calling 606-886-4260.