What You Should Know About Oral Cancer

The uncontainable growth of cells that invade and cause damage to the neighboring tissue is called cancer. There are many types of cancer, manifesting in many different areas of the body. Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, cheeks, and hard palate, can be life threatening if it is… Read more »

Toothache Treatments

Toothaches can be a painful situation and put a damper on the best of days. That is why, our dentist and team in Prestonburg, Kentucky, are happy to talk to you about toothache treatments, so you can go back to enjoying your day. The first thing to remember to do at the sign of a… Read more »

Cavities Need Dental Fillings to Keep Your Smile Full and Fresh

Cavities need dental fillings to keep your smile full and fresh. Not only will dental fillings work to improve your oral health by filling in cavities, but fillings can boost your self-esteem and make your mouth feel better too. The prospect of a having a hole in your tooth enamel is scary, but that is… Read more »

Overcoming Oral Health Obstacles with Mouthwash

Mouthwash is often thought of as the go-to treatment for freshening breath, but it can in some cases be used as a supplemental tool for overcoming oral health obstacles. Listed below are a few important tips to remember: – Some forms of mouthwash in today’s market contain materials that can help whiten teeth and give… Read more »

Important Teenage Dental Treatment Tips for the Summer Abound

Important teenage dental treatment tips for the summer abound. Never be afraid to do what is best for your smile, especially during your teenage years. The first step to traversing the teenage years successfully begins with making the right oral health care decisions, which includes wading your way through these tricky oral health hazards: –… Read more »

Important and Effective Cavity Prevention Tips

If you wish to keep your teeth healthy and safe from cavities, then the most important thing you can do is establish a safe and effective habitat for your smile to thrive. If your mouth is compromised, so too is your oral health. This includes keeping your mouth clear of bacteria and plaque buildup, both… Read more »

The Importance of Interdental Tools

What is the importance of interdental tools? Brushing your teeth is a tremendously effective habit to combat tooth decay and gum disease, but unfortunately, it is not enough. Brushing cannot adequately remove food debris and plaque buildup between teeth, which instead can be achieved with an interdental tool such as dental floss. Listed below are… Read more »

Care for Your Dental Crown

A dental crown has been placed on a tooth by Dr. Edford Clark to protect it and restore it to its former shape, size, and strength. But now what? How do you care for your dental crown, and thus maintain your oral health? After having a dental crown placed, as at any other time, it… Read more »

Why Should I Schedule Regular Dental Exams?

With our lives being so busy, it can often be difficult to find the time to schedule and go to regular dental appointments. Some may be wondering “why should I even bother?” Did you know that ental visitations are a key component of maintaining your oral health? During your dental exam, you will not only… Read more »

Getting a Sports Mouth Guard to Protect Your Child’s Smile

Having a child that plays sports can offer a lot of excitement into your life. Not all of it may be the right kind, however. As parents, we always worry if a slide into home plate may end up with our little slugger’s teeth bashing into Johnny’s cleats. Dental injuries are a common occurrence for… Read more »